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Drive All Night

“A piece of lesbian history from the “girl with a guitar” who truly sang for her supper. Jamie brings the road to you in color and out loud.” – Suzanne Westenhoefer

“An extraordinary glimpse into the life of a touring musician.” — Nancy Manahan, author/editor, Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence


Drive All Night tells the real story of what it’s like to be a touring musician, from taking off my shirt for Amy Ray to sharing housing with a pig. A real one. Then there was the time Jesus appeared at a gig and the concert where my opening act read poetry about bodily functions. Oh and I had to tour in Hawaii (I know, you feel sorry for me) and one time, Melissa Etheridge came to my gig.

Drive All Night is available directly from Bella Books as well as a plethora of bookstores and online sites.

The Advocate called it a must-read, I was on the front page of the Durham Herald talking about the book, award-winning playwright Carolyn Gage called me a bad ass, and Ottawa’s Xtra gave me some great press.

Read a sample chapter here.

See me read a chapter, “Finding Emily” here:

And another reading, “Don’t Stand Too Close to the Bird”:



Sample chapter from Drive All Night

I wish I could think of a snappy title for this post but it’s before noon and I need more espresso. At any rate, I thought you’d like to read a chapter from my book. Then you’ll run out and buy it. Or at least check it out from your very hip library, then recommend the book to fifty of your closest friends who will buy the book. Or go to their very own hip library … you get the picture. If you want to order it, you can get it from Bella Books or from a host of cool indie bookstores.

It’s getting some wonderful press, too, from the front page of the Durham Herald to an entertaining review from lesbian playwright Carolyn Cage. She calls me a bad ass. 

Enough blabbing, here’s the chapter. Enjoy!


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